Springtime Road Trip

Pack the snacks, organise your playlists, and don’t forget to bring a jumper – today is the first day of Spring and the start of our Springtime Road Trip!

And guess what – you’re invited along on our adventure! So, welcome!

Join us over the next three weeks as we head to where I hear you ask? That will be revealed shortly..

You’ll get to see what daily life is like on the road with a cat, the outback Queensland towns that make road tripping so special, and stumble upon places you (and we) never knew existed.

And you’ll be in the navigators seat!

We are so excited that we even took a selfie shortly after leaving Brisbane yesterday afternoon!

Our first night

We said goodbye to Steph, and headed West on the Warrego Hwy. Lake Clarendon near Gatton was our destination, but unfortunately due to the drought it had all but dried up.

The spot is a popular overnight camp for travellers with toilets and even electric BBQs. There were about 12 other caravans, campers, and roof top tents set up for the evening.

Where is it?
Other places we have visited

We parked up, and ignoring the mess in the van, walked down to what used to be the lake – Willow happily looked out from her satchel as we passed through the gate and walked half a kilometre.

You can find out about our first big outing with Willow’s adventure satchel here.

I placed the satchel down, and with the sun nearing the horizon Willow chose to sit and take it all in. She took a moment to familiarise herself with the new locale before jumping out and exploring.

I see you Willow!

After dinner and a meagre attempt at tidying the van we settled in for the night with Willow finding her usual spot at the foot of the bed.


Now come morning, we will head up the Great Dividing Range towards Toowoomba – to see if we aren’t too early for the flowers. Then it’s onwards to..

Okay. I have to be honest with you. I don’t know where we are going – but isn’t that the best part of road tripping?

So here is how YOU can really be apart of our adventure over the next 3 weeks. We will be asking YOU which way to go!

Do you have any recommendations of sights we should visit, places to stay, people we should meet, or any cats with a story to tell? We will likely be venturing as far West as Roma / Charleville.

Or, do you have any questions about how we travel and our day-to-day life on the road?

If so, please let us know in the comments below. We will include as much as we can in our next blog posts. We will also be doing a Facebook / Instagram Live at some point. You will also be able to alter the course of our journey as we cast it to a vote on which direction to go.

So again, Welcome to our Springtime Road Trip! It’s going to be an amazing three weeks with lots of stories and photos.

We leave you with a few more snaps below from Lake Clarendon – or what’s left of it. Notice this one-in-a-million photo of Willow and the sunset? The focus missed her and caught the grasses – kicking myself!

* * *

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