14th Jul, 2017

😺Story time! 😺Okay so call me a fool but I did it again last night. We had just settled into one of our favourite camps in the mangroves and finished our dinner when it was time to go for a little walk. I open the sliding door but I’m faced with the road under a foot of water! I’m parked on a small rise in only 4" inches of water, Willow was smart enough not to jump out this time. I check the tides and we’re pretty much at the high point but I get the torch out and see the water is still flowing in pretty fast. I make a snap decision and decide that for our own comfort and safety that instead of waiting for it to recede, it was time to get the flash out of there. I pull the sun shades down, get behind the wheel and creep onto the road. It being dark, it’s only at this point that I realise that I have about 400 metres of road/river to get through to safety. Regret sinks in and I put it into reverse to return to our humble spot on the rise but the wheels spin and I’m not going anywhere. I take my shoes off, roll up my PJ’s, get outside to realise that I’m committed to going forwards. I kick some mud out from in front of the tyres and with wet feet get back behind the wheel. I put it into low gear and push forwards, with a wave of water following us. The mud road is silty and I’m slipping and fish tailing all over the place. The only saving grace in this situation is that although steering was near impossible, the van would hug the wheel tracks/ruts on the road. After the most intense three minutes I’ve had in a long while I made it out to high ground and found a much safer spot back near the jetty to abandon our evening walk and continue our evening TV watching and evening potato crisp eating. This is a photo of Willow surveying our gracious and faithful vessel this morning as I removed some of the seaweed stuck under it from my foolish misadventure. Now even if I have camped in a spot for weeks in the past I hope that I have learned to never again camp with my back to sea! 😺

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