16th Jun, 2017

Our weeks now are so familiar I will share one with you. We will start in town, time to do my washing at the laundromat, fill up the van and get fuel for the generator. At the supermarket and farmer’s market I will stock up on basics and make the most of the clearance section. I have a fridge so I shop much like I would if I was living in the city; heaps of fresh veggies, a little bit of meat, don’t forget the cat food! I have 65 litres of water storage which I will refill from a rest stop or park. Maybe I will have a look around town and check out the bargain shops for anything I need for the van. I will have time to do a bit of research on where we are going to camp. I’ll set my maps app to satellite view so I can get a feel for some potential spots. When I think I’ve found somewhere we will drive out. Occasionally roads might be impassable or an area isn’t suitable for cats so I have to keep looking. Soon we will find our new home, and I’ll make the bed and put the shopping away. I will let Willow out who has been happily napping all day. She will have a quick look around then jump back into the van asking for dinner. And there we will stay for the week. During the day I work hard on tech projects that keep me busy. I have time to learn new skills and experiment with out the worry of paying rent and other expenses. Who knows one day it might pay off but in the meantime there are beaches to walk, sunsets to admire, and a little black adventure cat who requires much attention!

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