A Letter To My Cat On Her 10th Birthday

Dear Willow,

My Darling cat. Today, on January 15th, we celebrate your 10th birthday. I feel that turning 10 is a big milestone for any furry friend or human for that matter, even though today you awoke like any other day – curled up on my feet.

Humans are silly in that we try to draw meaning from any matter, but please bear with me for just as I have 10 digits on both my hands, you have 10 toe beans on your front paws. So I see it as prudent to celebrate this day.

When you came into my life 8 years ago you were just a house cat living in the suburbs of Hobart with me and it is with shame that I look back and recall regarding you in this manner. For as I discovered when we left Hobart together in our campervan, you became so much more.

That was nearly 6 years ago.

As we explored the wilds of Australia together we became best friends, and it was your friendship that saw me through many dark nights and to the end of many lonely roads – each one just a bit brighter, and just a bit less lonely for you being by my side.

It was the biggest change I had experienced as I said goodbye to my old life and built an entirely new one cruising the backroads of Australia. But all that adventure, the bumpy tracks, outback sunsets, and dust mean nothing for one thing you taught me.

You taught me I could love again – and most of all be loved.

What a precious gift. The gift of a lifetime. And so when Stephanie entered our lives my heart was ready for her (even if you were a little tentative at first). I am now comforted and warmed to see every day that you adore Stephanie as much as I do.

Humans spend a lot of time looking back and looking forward but sometimes all it takes is a cat to teach them to live in the present. It’s these moments that I treasure most with you Willow. Just sitting in nature with you whiling away an afternoon for we can’t change the past and know not what the future may bring.

As I see what you have become (or maybe realise what you always have been) I feel much pride to say you are my best friend.

Happy Birthday Willow.

Your best friend always,


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Van Cat Meow

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