A Letter To My Cat On Her 11th Birthday

Dear Willow,

It’s been a funny year, I know. You are a van cat, and Steph and I are van people, but we have had to get used to living in this cottage – I promise you it’s for a good reason.

On the weekends the three of us still go away in the van and explore the outdoors, and it makes us all so happy. I see you sitting outside slow blinking at nothing in particular with the sun on your back and it warms me also.

During the week I still take you in the van to work and on my break we have lunch together. We are living half in one world, half in another but we are getting ready for our future.

A few weeks ago I took you to the vet. I’m sorry that you thought we were going for a walk. I know you are getting older and I get nervous when I take you in – what if there is bad news? I can’t stand to think of what life would be like without you.

But the vet checked you over and gave you your yearly vaccinations, and she said she couldn’t believe how well you were doing for nearly 11 years old.

I could have cried.

We have been together over 9 years now but it means there will be many more adventures to come. Exploring, but most of all being together.

Willow, you have taught me a lot over the years but nothing greater than the importance of each moment. It’s a lesson you continue to teach me, and one that I’m ever grateful for.

Happy Birthday Willow for another year.

Your best friend always,


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