Flat Cat Meow: A New Start in the City of Perth

I’m always amazed at how Willow adapts to new situations. On our travels, we are constantly in new environments and it’s impressive to see how she takes it all on and makes the most of every moment.

So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when we moved into our new flat in Perth that she settled in right away.

We had spent 9 months on the road since we left Hobart so we felt that it was time to settle down for a while. Perth is in the middle of a rental crisis so you can imagine the gratitude we felt when we got the call to say a place was ours.

We picked up the keys and drove to our new flat. We unlocked the door, placed Willow down as she scooted off to explore. She did the full perimeter check, inspected any cupboards that were open before settling for a nap.

The place is fully furnished so our ‘moving in’ involved pulling a few tubs out of the van which stored some ‘homey’ items and organising our clothes.

Though as we discovered, when real estate agents say ‘fully furnished’ what they really mean is that the flat does, in fact, contain items which could be described as furniture, including a middle-aged mattress that’s all but given up on life and a couch that seems inconvenienced by one sitting on it.

I jumped on all the online marketplaces to see about getting a dining table and chairs. I also picked up an umbrella for outside and an outdoor setting for $40.

With a few indoor plants our flat was now a home. Woah Willow, it’s just like being in the wild again!

Of course, for Willow, it was home as soon as we placed her food bowl down. I wonder on that first night if she wondered if we were going to go back to the van. As long as she’s fed and has her humans she is happy.

As Steph and I settled into bed Willow gave that distinctive meow at night that cats make when they are not quite sure where their humans are. Thirty seconds later I feel a thud as she jumps up onto the bed and settles on my shins signifying that all is right in her world, and ours also.

When I say we are grateful to have found a home in Perth, I meant it especially so in our first week. A heatwave hit WA and that would have meant a very difficult time in the van with Willow. We likely would have had to board her during that time to ensure she was safe. Luckily we didn’t have to worry!

During the day, Willow finds the best spots to watch the world go by. The screen door is an obvious choice for some people watching. There’s 76 flats in our complex so there’s always people going by.

Willow seems to have embraced the change while Steph and I are still getting used to a few things, mainly the upstairs neighbours stomping around at all hours!

So should I change the name of our blog to Flat Cat Meow now that we aren’t living in the van? No, I don’t think so!

In fact, we are going on a van trip in a few weeks to South-West WA. Can’t wait to share it with you!

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