Our Visit to the House of Kittyliciousness

Gold Coast, Queensland Emerging from the forests of the Sunshine Coast, we couldn’t have been in more of a contrasting place as I parked the van in a shady, well manicured street behind a Gold Coast beach. Though, instead of towering trees above us there were high-rise – as far as the eye could see! ‘They’re just big tree houses!’ I comforted myself. As I got out I noticed the mud still clinging to the sides of the van that had splattered up from the wheel arches as we had crossed little creeks the week before. There I stood, brushing the dirt from my t-shirt as I waited to meet my new friends. From the corner appears a woman pushing a stroller. At first glance you wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but by the time I realised there certainly was no baby in it, she was waving hello! ‘Hi, I’m Anne and this is Scooter!’

They see me rollin’

From out of the stroller popped the fluffy little face of a three-year-old British Blue. ‘Hello Scooter! Aren’t you the cutest!’ For this apartment dweller, walks around the block in his stroller are the usual, certainly proving that you can live the high-life and still have your outside time too. Scooter’s harness and lead clip onto the stroller, meaning that he can jump out as he pleases to investigate whatever catches his curiosity – and likewise, if a big truck drives past, or he feels scared, he has his safe place ready to return to. Scooter loves his little adventures and can often be spotted at a nearby cafe, though the same cannot be said for his sister, Sarah, Anne tells me as we make our way to their apartment.

Into the House of Kittyliciousness

After steadying myself in the elevator up the 10 floors – I don’t think I’d been in one for two years – we approached their front door as Scooter jumped out of the stroller. He marched up to the door as if to say ‘this is my place, I will show you around!’ The apartment they also share with cat-dad and Anne’s husband, Frankie. Inside, five-year-old Sarah Bear Pusskins, or by her pedigree name ‘Ambritt Trick Or Treat’, was lazing on top of her cat tower. Scooter, or by his pedigree name ‘Ambritt Duey Has The Moves’, Anne chaffed ‘doesn’t actually have the moves.’ Though that hasn’t stopped this gorgeous blue teddy bear becoming a Grand Champion Show cat and also rising to internet stardom as the star of his own viral video.

Nothing can stop meow!

It was a year ago today that an inquisitive Scooter brought it upon himself to interfere with Anne’s task of wrapping a Christmas present – a task that has many a curious cat-owning present-wrapper in a cold sweat. Though the present was eventually wrapped, Scooter got his just deserts when Anne decided to make an instructional video on how to wrap a cat, which promptly took over the internet for 24 hours.
  It seems that Scooter, in fact, won the battle as he contentedly laid there purring and soaking up the attention with not even an inkling of what a fame monster he would soon become. The next day, Anne’s House of Kittyliciousness facebook and instagram page was inundated with new followers all keen to join the cuddly siblings in their daily apartment life, and see their latest photo shoots. ‘If it brightens up someone’s day then I’m happy too!’ Anne told me. It’s a philosophy Anne has also taken to her pet photography business, A Whisker in Time. But what does Sarah think about all this? Well, she’s happy taking the backseat and letting little brother have the limelight.

Floofen, I hear you say?

But there’s one title that Scooter could never take from sister Sarah, and that is that of the ‘Floofen Queen’. In fact, Scooter has never performed one. Now, I would forgive you for not knowing what I am talking about here because I must admit, this was new for me too. A floofen is a stance adopted by cats, and most commonly, the British Blue, which involves – now, lab coats on everyone – the carpal joint being held at a 90 degree angle and the metacarpal bones held precisely vertically whilst maintaining the horizontality of the phalanges. It’s a floofen. Or a dainty paw, if you will. It’s the epitome of feline symmetry, the sacred geometry of cats. Thank you Sarah for your modelling. Excellent form – 9.5/10.

Oh those eyes Scooter! We will forgive you for your inability to floofen.

Rich gets star struck

‘Would you like to hold him’, Anne asked. I paused for a second then said yes, which came out more like a high pitched squeal. The adorable British Blue teddy bear melted into my arms – six kilograms of pedigree floof! – and Anne snapped a pic of me, also melting.

Are we forgetting someone?

Oh yeah, Willow was still in the van. It was time to leave and Anne wanted to meet her. Scooter was put in his harness and placed in the stroller for another outing. Once at the van I opened the side door and from underneath the blankets – in which she had burrowed into hours earlier – emerges Willow. ‘She’s sometimes hesitant around new people’, I say as she walks straight up to Anne and gives her some nose boops on her outstretched hand. ‘Okay, not today it seems!’ Willow jumped up onto the our table expecting more pats as she noticed a very patient Scooter staring up at her from his stroller. They eyed each other off for a moment and though they seemed quite okay with each others presence we didn’t push the introduction any further. Maybe next time when we have some more time they can hang out! It was funny seeing the people walk past us on the street do a double-take when they realised Scooter was happily sitting there watching the world go by. What a lucky cat! Until next time, Anne, Scooter, and Sarah – happy trails!

* * *

If you’d like see more of Scooter and Sarah check out the House of Kittyliciousness facebook and instagram page.
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