I’ll Be Home For Christmas

It’s going to be hot today. Well, hot by Tasmania’s standards. It’s a lovely 25c and not even 10am. Willow is having a quick explore outside before I go into town to pick some raspberries at my brother’s house.

It had been nearly 2.5 years since Steph had seen her family back in the UK. Generally, the three of us have not been overly affected by the covid situation over the past few years. We have always been able to change our plans when needed and choose the places we stay wisely. But like many around the world, it hasn’t been easy for Steph knowing that she can’t see her family across the other side of the world.

With borders reopening, Steph saw a small window before Christmas to finally return to visit her family.

So, 2 weeks ago she said goodbye to Willow and I, and I dropped her off at the airport. With her return flight landing on Christmas eve, what could possibly go wrong, I thought.

The cottage feels lonely with just the two of us, and Willow has become very clingy. Her preference is always Steph’s lap for morning and afternoon naps, so instead she has had to resort to mine. This is when she isn’t following me around the house.

Not long after Steph landed they changed the quarantine requirements for returning to Tasmania. This means that she will need to isolate at home for a week. So instead of being housebound over Christmas in Hobart we decided it would be best to change her flights until just after Christmas so she could spend it with her family before returning to Australia. Though, with the situation in London escalating, it will be a nervous wait.

So, it’s been just Willow and I at the cottage for the past few weeks, and 10,000 miles never seemed so far.

Last week I accidentally poured her a bowl of soup when I cooked dinner for everyone at my brother’s house.

The sun is going to be scorching today, and it’s not long before Willow goes back inside and finds a spot on the couch as I sit down to write this.

Willow is doing her best to look after me, but I know she prefers Steph’s lap!

* * *

I feel for those who are separated from their families this year. Steph, Willow, and I are lucky, we will be reunited soon. To all those of you around the world who may feel like you’re stuck in a B grade Christmas movie, you have our best wishes.

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