Jezebel’s Cat Part II

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It had been two days since I was aboard the SSSV Jezebel with Miow Miow and his humans. Willow and I camped in the bush by the mangroves and we enjoyed watching the roos as they grazed in the evening.

That morning we had driven to Point Vernon and it was there I walked down to the beach with binoculars in hand. Scanning the seas, I spotted the vessel – the Jezebel – sailing East on their way to Torquay beach. It was there that we would all meet again.

Cruising motor-free, they had only the wind in their sails to take them the 15km or so to their destination – a voyage that took most of the day to complete.

It was late afternoon when they arrived at Torquay beach, and as I waded out to the boat a familiar little furry face was there to greet me.

Miow Miow darted from one end of the boat to the other, eager to set paw on one of his favourite beaches. As Shipwreck got into the kayak and paddled for shore, Miow Miow gathered himself at the side of the boat and hurled himself up into the air. With limbs sprawled he splashed down into the mild Fraser Coast sea and started swimming.

His stroke was proficient and he moved through the water with grace while holding his little head above the gentle swell. Soon his paws were touching sand and he lifted himself out of the sea, shaking off the weight of the water.

Shipwreck used his t-shirt to help dry the little sea cat who I believe may have been an otter in a past life. Miow Miow started to wriggle and is placed back on the sand where he begins to explore. He sniffs the plants and rocks at the top of the sand and watches the seabirds before perching himself on a boat trailer.

Beach-goers are not quite sure what to make of the little cat, still damp and looking somewhat bedraggled from his swim.

Whose cat is that? Is that your cat? a passer-by asks.

No, but we hang out a lot, Shipwreck replies.

Miow Miow revels in the attention and follows a group of kids down the beach, springing after them in jubilant play.

When he returned he wraps his tail around my leg and I picked him up. He smells faintly like campfire and the Coral Sea breeze, his fur so soft.

We spent the evening back on the boat, sipping port and sharing stories of the sea (and land). All the while a little salty sea cat sat on deck watching out over the water and the stars above – what he was thinking about I will never know.

* * *

You can see more of Miow Miow’s adventures on the SSSV Jezebel on his Instragram: @jezebels_cat

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