Meeting Mark and Mya

When we heard Mark and his white shepherd, Mya, were visiting Brisbane for the All Dogs Spectacular we knew we had to meet them. But how would adventure cat Willow react to meeting adventure dog Mya? Now, while Willow and I’s style of adventuring is limited to napping in new and unusual places, unfolding the occasional camp chair, and that time Willow got her tongue stuck in her collar, I have to say that Mark and Mya are true adventurers. When Mark, who was born in Melbourne and has always enjoyed his outdoor pursuits, planned an extended trip to North America in 2017 there was one thing he couldn’t leave behind. Sound familiar?
Photo from @mark_and_myas_adventures
Their time was spent exploring the USA and Canada – hiking, skiing, biking, and snowboarding – and they even nipped down to Mexico!
Photo from @mark_and_myas_adventures
But don’t think their trip was entirely paws-in-the-dirt style roughing it. There was still the opportunity for the occasional luxury hotel room!
Photo from @mark_and_myas_adventures

At the Dog Show

So there we were, Steph, Willow and I, arriving at the 2019 All Dogs Spectacular and I couldn’t help but think – who brings their cat to a dog show? Mark and Mya were making a special guest appearance to help raise money for Australian National K9 Rescue – a team of amazing people who skilfully rehome purebreds. Mya is a beautiful, gentle dog and her white fluffy coat has just a hint of gold when the light touches it. One thing that Mark warns people is that Mya loves her kisses – and today was no exception with my face getting suitably covered as we posed for a photo. But beyond the sloppy kisses, Mark and Mya have their own message to spread – ‘No paw gets left behind’. “We want to show people you can have pets and a life of adventure, and travel at the same time.”

Willow, this is Mya. Mya, Willow.

Mark and Mya followed us back to the van to meet Willow. Willow was hesitant as she was introduced to the white fluffy giant, but soon relaxed and continued watching us chat from within the van.

All Dogs

We left Willow in the van and headed back to watch some of the action. Canine competitors from all over Australia were competing in events such as agility, obedience, and even duck hearding! Though our favourite was the ‘dances with dogs’, which actually requires no explanation. Cue the music!! And a one, two, three! What an amazing day! I think one thing was clear, and that is this – what really was on show at the All Dogs Spectacular was the bond between animal and human – best friends playing and working out life together. I think Mark and Mya would agree too. To follow Mark and Mya check out their Facebook, Instagram., or their awesome website. They might even be visiting a town near you! All Dogs Spectacular is hosted by Dogs Queensland and is an event held every year.

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