Twenty-Three Photos Of My Cat Not Looking Directly At The Camera

My travels with Willow the little black adventure cat take us all over Australia.

When we arrive in a new place I will get my camera out as Willow explores. Armed with a bag full of cat treats and a repertoire of attention grabbing noises I try to get the perfect snap of Willow – facing me, tail to the side, and looking directly at the camera.

The successes are posted to our social media; the failures are buried deep on my computer – until now.

I am proud to present to you today, twenty-three photos of Willow not looking directly at the camera – a photographic journey.

Here we are at Lake Dartmouth near Charleville. The water is a lot more interesting than the camera.

The outback sunsets near Coopers Creek never disappoint. Willow not looking at the camera, however, did.

I took this shot at my friend’s shack at Bruny Island. Willow and I had just had an argument about what a sensible portion of snacks is.

Willow looking into the grass. There’s nothing there, Willow.

I took this snap at Eagle Hawk Neck lookout in Tasmania. Something interesting happened to Willow’s left, probably.

Willow looks out of the camper van, because that’s where the interesting things happen.

The sun sets at Seven Mile Beach are out of this world. Please look at me, Willow.

In this garden, not even Willow’s favourite treats could get her attention – the fish in the pond however..

Willow wasn’t interested in having her photo taken when we visited Lake Leake.

We found these cool rocks in the Barossa Valley. Cooler than looking at the camera.

The beaches around the Spencer Gulf are great for spending a day with your best friend – even when she won’t even look at you.

The sunsets in the mangroves of South Australia were beautiful.

We visited this abandoned salt works. The only thing saltier than the lake was the look Willow gave me before looking away.

These are the wildflowers near Geraldton. Willow was not impressed.

The coastline of Western Australia is spectacular – so spectacular that Willow couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

When we were at Mount Isa we visited Lake Moondarra. Willow thought it was more interesting than my stupid camera.

We found this old steam engine in the outback and do you think Willow could have just looked at the camera for 3 seconds??

When we visited my friends farm Willow posed on this fence post but I wasn’t quick enough.

Forest trails can be a great place to get a photo of your cat looking directly at the camera – so I’ve been told.

What’s happening over there? Absolutely nothing.

This forest trail near Grafton would have been a great place to get a snap of Willow looking at the camera.

I thought these bunch of hay bales would be a perfect spot to take a photo of Willow. It was not.

Willow looked so cute after rolling around in these leaves when we were at Bedourie. Why can’t you just look at the camera Willow?

I just don’t know where she gets it from..

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