Willow helps us celebrate our third wedding anniversary with a sushi lunch

As we set off to explore the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia we hadn’t any idea of where Steph and I might spend our third wedding anniversary. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter because we had everything we needed to celebrate in the van already.

So when the day came around, we found ourselves on yet another spectacular clifftop overlooking the mighty Great Australian Bight.

As if the scenery wasn’t special enough, being in the middle of nowhere didn’t mean the three of us weren’t going to have a special lunch together.

There was plenty of time to enjoy the coastal vistas as Steph and I took in the waves breaking on the rocks below the cliffs with a pair of binoculars. With the wind blustering, Willow opted to stay inside our campervan, for she knew there would be great treats when we returned.

Now, you may remember that we made sushi for our anniversary last year, so it is certainly becoming a tradition for us. What I love about it is that it really shows what our little van kitchen is capable of. Despite it’s tiny size, we can still cook delicious and healthy meals together.

When living in such a small space every object needs to serve multiple purposes, so with a mug of champaign we got to work on our special lunch.

We boiled the rice and added some sushi seasoning which also doubles as a salad dressing on other days. The rolling mats and nori seaweed don’t take up much space either, nor does the little tube of wasabi in our 12v fridge.

There’s no limit to what you can put in them, but avocado, cucumber, and egg seem to be a staple in our household, with whatever other bits are lying around.

So with all our ingredients laid out, we were ready to roll!

Willow oversaw the process from start to finish, and was keen to try a few little tidbits along the way. When we were done, we had enough rolls for two lunches.

We did 100gms of sushi rice which equated to 6 rolls.

We sliced the rolls into pieces and got out some mayonnaise and pickled ginger. The ginger is a great thing to have in the fridge for salads and stirfries.

Now it was time to eat. What a feast!

Willow wasn’t much interested in eating the whole sushi, but fortunately we had some sashimi for her.

Outside we could hear the ocean swell as it hit the rocks below. The Western side of the Eyre Peninsula is a stunningly beautiful place, and at this time of year we can mostly enjoy it all to ourselves.

There is something beautiful about the tranquility of our campervan and combining it with the joy of some culinary creativity. No matter how windy it is outside, the campervan always feels cosy and safe. It’s that convergence of nature and simple living that brings me joy at the thought that I’ll be sharing another year of it with Steph.

The gratitude warms me as we finish up our lunch, and the fact that we got to share the experience with Willow makes it even more special.

Who knows where in Australia the three of us will be in a years time, but I know we will be together.

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