Willow’s Homecoming at Ten Lives Cat Centre

We had heard that there were a few people at Ten Lives Cat Centre wanting to meet little Willow. So today we dropped in to visit the place she was adopted from all the way back in 2012. Joel, Marketing and Comms Manager, greeted us and gave us a tour around the centre. There have been lots of changes since we were last there, and still more to come. There is now a hospital so the kitties don’t have to travel offsite, and improvements are being made to the buildings / reception area. Ten Lives is a self-funded, not-for-profit organisation. I presented them with some copies of the Black Cats Tell All book. If you are in Tasmania please drop in to purchase a copy. 100% from these copies goes back to Ten Lives to help them with their work.  Also check out their awesome shop! Learn more about the Black Cats Tell All book Photo: Joel Diprose It was now time to meet some of the kitties that are waiting to be adopted!


As I entered the adoption area there were two cats roaming free. Simba and Moco. One-and-a-half-year-old Simba has a peaches and cream coat and the sweetest nature. She was having a bath and making it very difficult to get a good shot. Finally she finished and curled up ready for a nap. Those eyes!


One-year-old Moco is just as sweet with her tortoiseshell coat. I caught her having a snooze on the cat tree. She was very easy to take photos of and I suspect she is a model in the making. Her colourings are just beautiful and she loves pats.


Six-year-old Petal is an absolute gem. A lap cat at heart she will make it known when she requires your services with an air of regality. In fact she has been crowned Queen of the adoption room by the centre staff.

Two Toes

This little girl is a real snuggle-pot once you get to know her. How majestic are her whiskers? She was a bit shy at first and didn’t want to get out of her comfy bed.


Maggie is a lovely cat awaiting a home along with her sister Audrey, a beautiful smokey tortoiseshell. The pair are inseparable and must be adopted together. Maggie is the more outgoing of the two and gave me some excellent head-butts.


Kellie is a 4 year old girl and just the sweetest thing. She has so much love to give. When she was first brought in the vet thought she had a bee sting on her nose. They did some tests and found nothing wrong with her – she just has a big nose..I can relate.

Sapphire and Midnight

These two are full of energy and affection. I snapped some photos of them as they were playing with some other visitors. So adorable – A girl and a boy both 10 weeks old. They look so similar that I could not even tell them apart! I don’t think I even got a photo of each of them. Which one appears in these snaps I will never know! All the cats featured above are available for adoption. Check out Ten Lives for more information about these little meow meows awaiting their furever homes. If you are not in a position to adopt a cat why not visit a centre near you? Frankly I could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon than spending it playing with some kitties. Reach out to your local shelter and find out what they are in need of. Many would be grateful to receive cat food, old newspapers, woollen blankets, jumpers and towels etc.
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