A Letter To My Cat On Her 12th Birthday

Dear Willow,

Today is your 12th birthday but it is also a special day for another reason. As of today, we have known each other for a whole decade – and what an amazing decade it has been.

I know you are happy wherever you are; I can see it in your slow blinks on afternoons lolling in the sun. But despite your years, a spark of adventure still lies in your heart, and I can’t wait to continue exploring this country with you.

Next month, we end our lease at the cottage and move back into our camper van, just the three of us. It won’t be long before we are adventuring along beaches, through forests, and over deserts together.

When I look back on those ten years there are memories that stick out in my mind.

I remember those long days driving on dusty roads and when we would sit on top of the van together watching the colours in the sky change across the Australian Savannah.

We were so young then, but you know what? As that spark still lies in your heart, so it does in mine, and it won’t be long before we are sharing those moments again, and of course we have Steph with us now.

I remember the time you sat with me on that old park bench 6 years ago. We were just 100 days into our adventure and it seemed like a nice, silly photo. Looking back on it now, it is so much more.

Even when the world seems a bit askew, you have been there for me making things feel right.

We used to count the days since our big adventure started, but now they have blurred into years and more.

I made a promise to you to never leave you behind, and I will always honour that, because I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Happy birthday my dearest cat.

Your best friend always,


* * *

What would you tell your cat if you could?

As our departure date soon approaches, I’ll be sharing some posts on how we have our camper van set up for life on the road with Willow. I’ll also be sharing some thoughts on what it’s like to leave it all behind, minimalism, and how we try to live life to the fullest. We hope you’ll join us!

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