The Rise of the Cat – a Message of Love

The information and events presented in this article have not been fact-checked.

It’s the year 1989 and in a dimly lit office at the headquarters of Swiss nuclear research organisation, CERN, a telecommunications engineer is putting the finishing touches on his latest project proposal. A proposal that would change the lives of feline owners and appreciators across the globe.

CERN Headquarters hours before the withdrawal of the Cloning Lab’s budget funding (1987)

Two years after the untimely dissolution of his former research team, the struggling engineer, Tim Berners-Lee, shuffles together various technical papers that had littered his desk and places them on the shelf next to a framed photo of Mr Flufflepants – his much loved cat. In the clearing he places the completed 3,257 page document and takes a step back to look at his work.

The proposal was for a global network for sharing.. cat photos.

The World Wide Web of Cats – or WWW for short – had been born, and although it is now used for many things such as banking, hosting scientific documents, or like whatever, the core functionality to share the lives of our feline friends remains to this day.

In the next few decades the WWW[C] technology would grow such that common domestic cats around the world would become house hold names, little Mittens from the block would have thousands checking in on her daily to see which basket she took a nap in, and Jeff – that guy from next door who Kitty always runs away from – would be able to see what daily life is really like with that elusive feline.

The secret life of cats was now.. not so secret.

Global domination

In what has been described as one of the most influential byproducts of the information age, the banding of cats together around the world resulted in one thing.. a cat revolution.

If 2018 was the Year of the Dog then the twenty-tens has certainly been the decade of the cat. No longer are our moggies destined for a life watching out the window as fido has all the fun, or waiting for the humans to come home.

The humans started taking the cats with them.

The once underestimated house cat has now been realised as the protagonist in a modern day story of adventure – with their human side-kicks along for the ride.

The WWW was not enough. The cats wanted more. They wanted.. global domination – and would settle for nothing less.

Now, they can be found with their people wandering the hiking trails, climbing mountains, and crossing lakes. They can be found in parks and markets. They can be found at your local cafe sipping cattachinos while staring down the dogs – who quite frankly do not know what to make of all this.

These are the cats that defied expectation and their human guardians that allowed them to reach their potential. The cats and humans that dared escape the mundane to live their best life.

The greatest mystery solved

For as long as doors have existed humans have endured the predicament of a cat that upon being let outside demands to be let back in again.

Much thought has been put into why cats exhibit this behaviour. Although we may never know the location of the lost city of Atlantis or the true identity of Jack the Ripper, rest assured that our feline am-I-in-or-am-I-out antics does in fact have an explanation.

It’s as simple as this.

The cat in question, upon seeing the door close behind them with their human on the other side, realises that their plans of spending an afternoon exploring the garden with their favourite person has now been quashed and proceeds to meow in protest: ‘Don’t you dare sit back on that couch human!‘.

The common house cat may have achieved global domination but they may have one last lesson to teach us – to just sit for a while in their company and enjoy the present.

It is clear that the cat revolution may be unstoppable but each cat brings with them a message of love.

So, whether together you’re having a week in the meowtains or a cup of tea and a treat in the garden, there is only one thing that matters – the bonds we share with our feline friends and that neither one of us, for even a second, underestimated the other.

The rise of the cat is here.

* * *

Are you a part of the cat revolution? How has your cat changed the way you live your life? Please leave a comment below..

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