Setting the Scene in the Old Orchard

On a mild winter’s afternoon we were all settled in at our old orchard campsite near Brisbane. Once a lemon grove, now the perfect location to give Willow some outdoor time on the days Steph is busy studying in Brisbane. [vcm_short_ad] I grabbed my camera and walked around the van to find Willow lying in the grass catching the last of the sun. She looked up and noticed the bag of treats in my hand and knew it was showtime!


I looked around our campsite and was at a loss of any creative energies. Willow had been photographed many times in the green grass and the prospect of doing it again didn’t enthuse me. Then I had an idea. Why not create a scene myself? I looked around the old shed and found a piece of lattice, flower pots, and a plank of wood. Willow looked on as I leant the lattice against a lemon tree and balanced the plank over the flower pots. I then stuck flowers through the lattice and spread them over the plank. The scene was now set. Willow, remembering the treats I had in my pocket, quickly posed herself on the plank. And of course, she was promptly rewarded for her effort.

Last of the Sun

As I snapped away the light soon left the gully of the old orchard and left us in twilight. Not ready to give up on the perfect shot, I grabbed my flash to illuminate the scene.

Another flash positioned off camera was used to give an ethereal haze.

Willow was promptly rewarded for each of her poses with a treat

As the mosquitos declared dinner time so too did we. Happy with the shots we had taken, I packed up the lights and Willow followed me back inside the van. She made no secret that the treats she had eaten had not spoilt her dinner, pawing at my leg as I placed her meal in front of her. Willow gulped down her food, and as I cooked mine she fell asleep in her basket – possibly dreaming of our next adventure or photo shoot together!

* * *

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