Hello South Australia! Willow’s millionth border crossing and a lot of avocados!

It’s true. I couldn’t even count how many times Willow has crossed state lines over the past 8 years. Is it 20, 30? I’d have to get out a map and count them all, and there’s a lot.

Willow is generally oblivious to the situation as she sleeps in the back of the van, unless, of course, we wake her up for a photo opportunity. For the most part, the process is quite simple, we drive across the line, but for some states there are few things you have to know.

Say, if you are coming to or leaving Tasmania, there’s a 12 hour ferry trip. If you’re vehicle is over-height, make sure you book 6 months ahead so you can secure a place.

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When travelling into Tasmania, South Australia, or Western Australia there are strict quarantine laws to prevent the spread of agricultural disease. Those travelling with their caravans, campervans, and tents will know all too well the process of eating up their fresh produce before they venture across the border.

So, there we were in the Victorian town of Nelson which sits just 4km East of the border to South Australia.

We thought we had everything under control. We’re seasoned travellers, after all? The capsicum was finished, the apples, and the tomatoes all used but one. Then, we found it. A whole bag of avocados we had purchased at a bargain supermarket a week before. The horror on our faces.

Steph and I looked at each other and pondered whether a 7 avocado guac would be too much for lunch? We did have the corn chips to go with it.

Willow jumped up onto the kitchen bench, wondering what was going on as I started the preparation. Funnily enough, Willow loves to eat avocado, so we made sure she got a few pieces. We were all in this together!

Our big bowl of guacamole was thoroughly enjoyed as we parked overlooking the river.

As big as it was, it didn’t stop us getting an ice cream at the general store. Steph very reluctantly posed next to the 24hr bait vending machine which I thought was quite interesting.

I learnt that the town was named after a ship, the Lady Nelson, its replica being docked in my home town of Hobart for as long as I can remember.

After our post-lunch walk we got back into the van. This was it. We’ve spent the past 6 months talking about all the places we were going to visit in South Australia, and now it was really happening.

We drove across the border. Of course, Willow was woken up for a ceremonial snap at the welcome sign. Though, I think she may have preferred to have been left to sleep on this occasion!

Another snap, another memory of our travels. In future, we’ll need to get better at getting the tripod out so all three of us can feature.

South Australia is a unique state of wild beaches and salt plains. It’s where the ocean meets the outback. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

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