Willow’s New Favourite Tree

Our first stop after crossing the Queensland / NSW border was the town of Kingscliff, in particular, the banks of Cudgen Creek. We found a leafy spot to park the van under a Paperbark tree and there we found shade from the midday sun.

The grassed area is a popular spot for locals who relax by the mangrove creek, swimming in the warm waters, and casting their lines out to the passing fish.

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Willow woke up from her nap and poked her head outside to see where we were. Sure that the area was clear from rogue dogs and noisy kids, she made the jump outside and positioned herself under the van. From there she could survey her new playground, and of course, it wasn’t long before she spotted the Paperbark tree.

Now, Willow has come across many trees in her travels but never have I witnessed what happened next. Willow was enamoured. She smooched and head booped the trunk, rolling over and stretching out in playful glee.

The Paperbark is a type of Melaleuca tree that is native to the coastal regions of North-Eastern Australia, mainly found in swamp and mangrove environments. It is often called Tea-tree as the tannins that leach out into the water make it a tea colour.

After Willow had finished with her tree she came back inside the van where she spent the rest of the afternoon finding the perfect nap spot.

Now, what made that tree so special to Willow I will never know. Was it the smell of the oils or tannins? Or the texture of the layers of the bark?

* * *

Don’t worry Willow, we will come back one day to visit your new favourite tree! Do your cats have a favourite tree?

Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

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