Sumi the Burmese Cat Road Tripping Australia

DSC_0131-2 It’s always a pleasure meeting other travellers on the road. It’s even more of a pleasure when they also travel with their cat!

Meet Sumi

By chance Willow and I were spotted by one of Sumi’s travelling staff members (or servants as they more realistically put it). Willow and I were out taking some photos at a forested campground in the Barossa Valley, SA when we hear upon their sighting of Willow an “I know you!”. Indeed they did, Sumi and family had been following Willow’s adventures online since last year. DSC_0137-2

All Around Australia

But what is even cooler is that Sumi has been travelling since April 2015 when he left his NSW home for life on the road in a camper van around Australia. Since then Sumi has clocked up over 50,000km. What a privilege to meet another well travelled cat! In fact Sumi isn’t far off achieving a Purrfect Eight. Read about Willow’s Purrfect Eight here DSC_0130 Did you pick up what Sumi has on his collar? Yep it’s one of Willow’s collectable coins!

Who’s in charge?

One thing needs to be made very clear – Sumi rules this campervan home where he spends most of his time when he’s not outside on leash. But any cat lover knows that the cat always rules the home! Sumi definitely has some attitude and I believe that his name might be a phonetic spelling – “Cat, get down from that counter!” to which he replies “Sue me”. But no matter how naughty this little cat is he’s always forgiven and it only takes the promise of some food to get him behaving – would you just look at that little face! DSC_0135 Before Sumi and family continued on their adventure they dropped in again to say goodbye to Willow and so I could snap these photos. Sumi meowed excitedly from the camper van when he saw Willow who sat watching from a distance. Maybe given some time they could have become friends. DSC_0139 Until next time Sumi and family, happy trails!

~ ~ ~

Have you had an encounter with a cat when travelling? Leave a comment below.

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