• 24th Aug, 2017

    Yesterday in between the rain showers we did a little photoshoot. ❤️ I’m going to share the rest of the pics soon but I just had to show you this one how proud does Willow look standing tall outside her home of nearly 3 years!? Unfortunately on the other end of the lens was no […]

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  • 19th Aug, 2017

    #caturday is for having a bath in the sun. 😺 Even on cold mornings it doesn’t take too long for the van to warm up nice and cosy. 🌅 I used to have suction-on solar shields for the back windows but I recently sewed up some curtains. I used heat block fabric as backing so […]

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  • 14th Aug, 2017

    Little cat, big dreams I took this pic the other week when we were camped at the old school/military base. I saw this old swing set and just had to take a pic of Willow posing!

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  • Tank Cat Strikes Again

    Ughh! Careful Willow! I’m not sure if cats are allowed to drive tanks! We passed through a military testing area on our way to Bald Hill Beach and found this Leopard 1A4 on display. They were in service in the Australian army from 1976-2007. Fortunately they never saw battle and now many are on display […]

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  • 23rd Mar, 2017

    *Link in Bio* Check out how I keep Willow safe when we are out adventuring… There is no way I would ever let Willow outside without a tracker on. Doesn’t matter if I am in suburbia or the middle of the Australian outback. Having the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your pet is […]

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  • 26th May, 2015

    "Hurry up! Let’s go exploring!"

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  • 30th Dec, 2014

    Van Cat morning cuddles.

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