Willow’s Favourite Takeaway?

If Willow grew thumbs and developed the ability to use a cell phone it wouldn’t be long before she’d be ordering snacks delivered. But what would she order? I would hazard a guess and say that she would likely hit up the local Japanese for some fresh, tasty sashimi. In fact I don’t think another cuisine comes close to catering to the needs of cats. Delicious cuts of raw fish – what more could a cat ask for? [vcm_short_ad] When I found myself at my favourite Japanese on the Sunshine Coast I thought of poor Willow back in the van with her lack of opposable thumbs and couldn’t possibly eat everything on my plate. So I put aside a strip each of prime salmon and tuna sashimi then finished my meal. Back at the van I snuck the fish – that I had placed in a napkin – into the fridge without Willow seeing, ready for her surprise meal. In the afternoon we parked at the beach and I prepared the fish into cat sized morsels and arranged them as artistically as I could on a plate – for cats surely appreciate snacks with aesthetic appeal! As soon as I placed the plate in front of her she began wolfing (catting?) the delicate pieces down. I decided I would slow her down by feeding her select pieces with the chopsticks which she gratefully ate up. What a pleasure it is seeing a cat enjoy a good meal! And now I don’t feel so guilty about going to lunch without her. Though, until they develop Uber Eats for cats, Willow will be relying on me to bring home the fish!
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