Coot-tha is for Cats

Mount Coot-tha, Queensland

Wake up Willow, there’s no time for cat naps this morning. Today we are going on a real adventure.

No, you can snooze later. Yes, Steph is coming.

Get ready, we are leaving now!

Cat and Carry

This is Willow’s ‘Adventure Bag’. Okay, it’s actually a baby bag I found at Target for $30 and repurposed.

I removed some of the dividers inside and the bottle holder (or maybe Willow would have liked to keep her milk there?). The sides were still too flimsy for my liking so I bought a piece of wire mesh from Bunnings. I snipped it to size and bent it to support the walls.

Now with a blanket for padding and some patches sewn on, the bag was complete.

The idea with this bag is to get us out and away from the van and exploring more, while still giving Willow a safe place to retreat to if she feels unsure.

Today we will really put it to the test.

Where is it?
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Mount Coot-thaaaaaaa

Today we are climbing to the top of a lookout in Brisbane.

But, the biggest challenge won’t be the 4.2km return walk. It’s learning how to say Mount Coot-tha.

Mount Cout-cha, Mount Cooooooo-tha. Mount Cooo… ahhhh!! What is that hyphen doing!?

Now, there are many ways up Mount Coo… to the lookout. We have chosen to park on the Western side on Flemming Rd to head up the Honeyeater Trail.

Laziest. Adventure Cat. Ever.

Willow is quick to settle into her new means of travel. We have done a few test runs with the bag in the past week, so it’s not unfamiliar to her.

The trails steepens as it winds through the bushland.

Willow rearranges herself so that she’s facing forwards. I can’t help feel that I might have been duped – carrying this cat around like the human slave I am!

Willow pokes her head out and watches the scenery, unaware or unsympathetic to Steph and I’s fatiguing legs.

We continue along a bend in the trail where Willow makes it known that she has spotted a tree of immense interest.

She jumps out of the bag to investigate.

As we are in an environment which is new to us, we have taken some precautions. Willow is wearing her tracking collar and she is clipped onto her retractable leash that attaches to the bag.

This system works well as it means she can exit the bag safely when she feels like it. I can also place her back in the bag if need be without having to worry about clipping her in again.

Dogs Ahoy!

Mount Coo-thafdjkda is a popular place for tourists and locals. There is a steady stream of walkers on the trail today.

Up ahead we spot a dog. Willow is already on top of the situation.

Wanting to avoid the possibility of having to make small talk with the animal, Willow ducks down into the bag.

We pass with the the dog and owner none the wiser – silly dog!

Willow takes the same approach to other walkers on the trail – ducking down if she doesn’t feel comfortable, only to pop her head back up after they pass.

Though sometimes she stays up.

Is that a cat?

Yes, this is Willow, I say as she accepts some pats from a passersby.

The Top

Arriving at the top we are rewarded with views over Brisbane City.

Steph and I are puffed and sweaty – Willow, having only walked about 200 metres and wondering what all the fuss is about, watches the people taking photos.

At the top there is a cafe and gift shop.

Unsure of what their policy is on pets, despite being suitably bagged, I ask Steph to check if they have any patches.

She returns with this one for our collection. Did you see Willow’s patches?

The perfect memento for a lovely day out in Brisbane.

With a now very sleepy adventure cat, we descend the mountain to complete our 4.2km walk – Willow having clearly overexerted herself walking her 200 metres.

* * *

Thanks for reading! This adventure took place in February 2019, but I forgot to do a write up of it until now. I hope you enjoyed it

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