The Best Of 2021 With Willow

We started 2021 on a blueberry farm in NSW and ended it in our home state of Tasmania. Today we look back at my favourite moments from those 12 months with Willow by our side.

On Ticoba Farm Willow helped us make some blueberry banana bread. I say helped, but it was more of a supervisory role.

I ran through Willow’s top 5 things that make her really cranky.

After spending nearly 3 months at the blueberry farm we had seen a lot of the area. It’s a wonderful region to visit so I assembled this destination guide.

It was time to say goodbye to Ticoba Farm and all those wonderful blueberries we had been eating.

We made a last minute decision to book the ferry to Tasmania so we had just 2 days to travel 1,200km to the ferry terminal in Melbourne for our sailing.

After a crazy few days we headed straight into the forest for the some relaxation time.

We then ventured West through some spectacular coastline finding ourselves at the edge of the world.

Then we found ourselves locked in the forest. This was just the start our misadventures for the day!

We then got to take Willow to one of my favourite places, Tasmazia, and visited the Village of Lower Crackpot.

Tasmania has many ghost towns. We visited Luina, the town that died twice.

After our grape picking didn’t quite go to plan we found ourselves on Bradys Lake with some good friends.

We got to visit one of my favourite lookouts in Tasmania, also a working hydro facility.

Travelling to the East Coast we discovered that all good adventures start with the words ‘I know a shortcut!’

Back in Hobart we were finally able to celebrate our wedding with friends and received possibly the coolest card ever!

Steph found work and I got a job on the marketing team of a cat shelter, helping all the kitties find their homes.

We decided to base ourselves in Tasmania for a while until things are a bit more stable. We rented a cottage in a historic village.

Willow and I took a trip down to the Southern Forests where Willow pulled some faces.

Willow explored our cottage garden and the morning frost.

We met our neighbours cat and settled into life at the cottage.

We discovered that we can no longer bring Willow to one of our favourite campsites.

Back at the cottage, Willow’s nighttime antics were affecting our sleep!

I had time to write about the crazy things that happened on our first summer away all those years ago.

We discovered that the cottage has quite a history.

I get to work in the cottage garden to give it new life again.

And, if we hadn’t had enough adventure, Steph nearly got stuck in the UK when she went back to visit family. Willow and I weren’t left entirely alone though. We had Christmas with family up the coast.

What a year!

When l I look back on everything we got to experience in 2021 I feel gratitude for being able to do the things we do. Sure, a lot of things didn’t go to plan but we were able to roll with it. The thing that is clearly important is those little moments that we share together. Those peaceful, calm moments in nature or the garden, just the three of us.

Happy new year!

* * *

Thanks for sharing another year with us. We hope you are safe and well wherever you are and that you had a moment to reflect back on the past 12 months.

I also want to thank every one of you who has continued to support us over this year, whether it be by leaving a comment or sending through an email, or sending through a gift to help cover the costs of running the website.

It means a lot to me that people get something from my writing and of us sharing these moments together with Willow.

We couldn’t do it without you! So, thank you.

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